SLZD-C400/500/600 center Saling, side Saling,Bottom Sealing and Four-side Sealing Bag-making Machine

SLZD-C600 is an exclusive high speed stepping pressure for center sealing, sealing, bottom sealingand four-side sealing bag-making machine.The machine equipped with industrial grade computer andmaterial feeding digital AC sevro system canintegrate the bag-making side precision and speed verywell with ultra long ironing blade in order to make the extra long bags.

Technical parameters Model
Specification SLZD C600
Material Applicable to various heat seal compounds
Volume size Maximum width: 1050mm Maximum diameter: 900mm
Bag making speed 180 segments/min (actual speed depends on material, bag type)
Bag width 500mm
Bag length 50-400mm (one pull length) over 370mm length with double feed function (maximum 6 times send)
Bag making parameters is displayed by CRT in real time. It can preset the automatic number/punching time. The well can choose continuous, interval and other working modes
Information Tips Photoelectric loss, temperature tolerance, intermediate tension, material shutdown, etc.
Unwinding LPC correction, automatic constant tension control
Feeding 1KW+1.5KW= 2.5KW
Host 3.7KW*1=3.7KW
Discharge 0.55KW*1=0.55KW
Vertical seal 2.5KW*4+ 2KW*4=18KW
Cross seal 2KW*6=12KW
Control system, etc. 1KW
Total 37.75KW
Cooling water 15 liters/min
Air source 0.6Mpa
weight about 5000kg
Dimensions 11700*1550*2200mm (length*width*height)