SLZD-D600 Three side Saling, Double uprightBag-making Machine

SLZD-D600 is a speed bag-making machine with reasonable structure and special use for three-sidesealing,double up-right.The machine equipped with industrial grade very well in order to achieve fineresults of high quality and fficiency.Computer and material feeding digital AC sevro system canintegrate the bag-making precision and speed.

Technical parameters Model
Specification SLZD-D600
Material Applicable to various heat seal compounds
Volume size Maximum width: 1250mm Maximum diameter: 900mm
Bag making speed 180 segments/min (actual speed depends on material, bag type)
Bag width 600mm
Bag length 50-400mm (one pull length) over 370mm length with double feed function (maximum 6 times send)
Bag making parameters is displayed by CRT in real time. It can preset automatic counting, punching time, and can choose continuous, interval, non-rushing and other working modes
Information Tips Photoelectric loss, temperature tolerance, intermediate tension, material shutdown, etc.
Unwinding LPC correction, automatic constant tension control
Feeding 1KW+1.5KW= 2.5KW
Host 3.7KW*1=3.7KW
Discharge 0.55KW*1+ 0.09KW*2=0.73KW
Vertical seal 2.5KW*8= 20KW
Cross seal 2KW*6=12KW
Control system, etc. 1KW
Total 39.93KW
Cooling water 15 liters/min
Air source 0.6Mpa
weight about 6500kg
Dimensions 11700*1550*2200mm (length*width*height)