SLZD-7000/1000/1100HZ Automatic Bag in Box Bag-making Machine


Welding nozzle
Three sides sealing
Meterial: Various compound films

Feeding driving AC motor


Upper and lower driving AC motor

Warping traction motor



Side heat seal device

Lateral heat seal device

Control system and others




Total Power

Gas pressure

Approx 38kw


Cooling water


Approx 15L/min


Gross weight

Approx 6000kg

Bagging Speed

35-70pcs/min (According material & Operating, The size of welding nozzle)

Bagging width

Max. Width1000mm

Bagging length

when the set program is above 320mm, it will automatically change into multiple conveyances.

Function indication
Warping mode
Fabrication: Put the warp beam horizontally, with V fold support, and pneumatically lock.
Control: Tension is automatically controlled by swimming roller, magnetic power brake,
displacement sensor etc.

Driving mode
Feeding traction: Driven by AC servomotor
Upper and lower sealing press: Driven by AC servomotor

Control mode
Adopt the industrial control equipment, domestic displayer
Adopts double photoelectric control

Temperature:0-300℃,contact-free automatic control, CRT displaying.
Automatic count: presetting is available.
Hole puncher for welding nozzle:1 Unit, It can move on all sides.
Feeding unit for welding nozzle(vibrating tray):The vibration plate
automatically feed system of the nozzle, then by PLC centralized
control positioning, hot pressure system to complete.
Punching device: time can be preset, continuous or interval punching
is available.
Working mode: printing, non-printing.
Mode of multiple conveyances: twice to six times conveyance.
Measurement for length: distance between color scale can be measured
Message alert: lost of photoelectrically, lost of temperature, wrapping
alarm, servomotor alarm and auto-switch off the machine.